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She Loves Life Over 50 is founded on integrity, compassion, authenticity and curiosity. The outcomes experienced are practical, sustainable and empowering.


My personal mission: To live with grace by being kind, helping others and staying creative. I'm energised by helping women over 50 feel inspired, purposeful and strong.

For women over 50, who want to do work that they love!


How to Move from Perfectionism to ‘Good Enough’

I'm not the only person who places huge demands upon myself.  Working as a coach reminds me every day that perfectionism is everywhere.  Today I talk about how striving for perfection gets in the way of doing our best. And I’ll share some of my tips for overcoming the need to be great at … [Read More...]

winter beach sad

It’s Winter Here ‘Down Under’ and That Makes Me SAD

It's almost winter here in the southern hemisphere.  That's SAD! Winter brings changes in my mood.   In the worst case life gets really hard, like I'm dragging myself through treacle.  Or it may just feel like winter's here for ever.    In today's post I talk about my experience with the SADs … [Read More...]

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  • Leigh has the extraordinary ability and skill of listening without judgement, hearing the message, giving compassionate and sage advice and enlightening people to things that they might not see. Pauline

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