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She Loves Life Over 50 is founded on integrity, compassion, authenticity and curiosity. The outcomes experienced are practical, sustainable and empowering.


My personal mission: To live with grace by being kind, helping others and staying creative. I'm energised by helping women over 50 feel inspired, purposeful and strong.

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de-stressat work now

De-stress at work. How 3 breaths can change your life.

Here's a super, simple 20-second stress busting technique. Stress caused by information overload is a universal problem.  I'm not the first person to talk about this, and I won't be the last.  So what can I add to this conversation? It's a simple as this.   Stop whatever you're doing. Right … [Read More...]


5 Decisions You Must Make Before Starting Your Business

Starting a business is exciting and scary. So how do you know you're made of the right stuff?In today's blog post I'll share the 5 steps that you need to take before you even start planning how to turn a business idea into a reality. Getting crystal clear now could save you time and pain later … [Read More...]

What others are saying

  • Leigh is a remarkable woman! Resilient, intelligent, wise, resourceful, compassionate and strong! From a business perspective Leigh has a formidable amount of experience and knowledge, the unusual ability to see both the big picture and the detail (and what’s in between) at the same time, and the ability to ‘hear’ what one is really saying rather than the words one hides behind. There cannot be any ‘bs’ when you’re with Leigh – she’ll spot it and very gently call you on it. I totally recommend her coaching service! If you’re thinking about it then do it – you’ll be glad!

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