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She Loves Life Over 50 is founded on integrity, compassion, authenticity and curiosity. The outcomes experienced are practical, sustainable and empowering.


My personal mission: To live with grace by being kind, helping others and staying creative. I'm energised by helping women over 50 feel inspired, purposeful and strong.

For women over 50, who want to do work that they love!


Want to Love Your Work? First, Decide WHO You Want to Be.

How do you know if you’re doing the right work, when you don’t know if you have the right life?  Sound complicated?  Well that’s how things can end up if you don’t follow this plan.  In today’s post I’ll share How to get to grips with who you want to be. My own amazing experience using the … [Read More...]


Over 50, Not Loving Your Job? Here’s Another Income Option

Creating a new income stream I love exploring and sharing ideas on new ways of creating an income.  So here’s another option.   Today we’ll delve into Direct Sales, and its close cousin Multi-Level or Network Marketing. I can hear some of you gasp.  Maybe you’ve already decided this isn’t … [Read More...]

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  • Leigh prides herself in creating meaningful, practical and simple guidance. What can’t be underestimated is the effect she has on others.

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